At any moment of my day, I make decisions that are statements to the Universe of who I choose to be. The actions I take based on my thoughts are a clear form of communication with the Universe. If I out loudly affirm a certain belief, the Universe will put me in a situation(s) that gives me the opportunity to confirm in action what I initially stated.

That is how we EXPRESS who we are.

The Universe is very straightforward and literal. It works to put into our reality what we think and state, whether we then react to it as good or bad.

Every day we have an opportunity to choose something different for ourselves. The key, however, is to Believe and Know what it is that we want to see happening in real life, but it first ought to be true to us inside.

Life does not have any other choice but to GIFT us with the reality we initially imagined in our minds. It is simply how it works. That is why once again, we have an opportunity to live differently if we choose to change what we initially think of ourselves and our lives.

Will you take up the challenge ? 

: )

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