Dear God

Right now, I know and feel your presence more than ever. I am so grateful for how patient you are with all of us.

You never force us, You never rush us, You never judge us.

I realized with time, that WE judge ourselves. We are so harsh on ourselves. I am particularly very harsh on myself, and I am sure others would say the same. 

God, the lesson on Judgement is a lesson that has taken me many chapters of my life, but I am very grateful for having gone through them over and over to thoroughly understand how much pain I was causing myself and others when I was choosing to instantly and constantly judge myself or others.

The lesson behind judging opened my heart even more and taught me compassion, empathy, and more importantly, respect for myself and other people’s perspectives, understanding and ways of life. After all, we are all like puzzle pieces and if one piece is forcefully shaped to look like another piece, the puzzle will never be whole or complete. I am grateful that life taught me how to slowly but surely be understanding of others, and gave me strength in the hardest times for me to understand or accept them the way they are. It helped me identify that feeling of resistance and flow with it, instead of reacting from it.

Dear God, Thank You


Letters To My Friend, God

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